I need a faster resume turnaround time

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a faster turnaround time at this stage. If one week for Resume and two weeks for Resume + Cover Letter is not fast enough in your situation we encourage you to contact us before making your purchase. We will be be able to let you know how busy we are and whether we can turn around your documents faster than usual or not.

An alternative option is for you to book a 1h video coaching session with one of our ex-interviewers. Our coaches only need 24h notice to be booked, so if you purchase your session today you could talk to your coach as early as tomorrow. They will give you feedback on your resume and cover letter over a 1h video call and you can then implement that feedback in your own time. As soon as you purchase a session you'll have access to our coaches calendars and can grab a slot with one of them. You'll also be put in touch with them over email automatically so you can send your documents in advance.

You can purchase our Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Review Service here, or a 1h coaching session at the following link.

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