Is my resume / background good for consulting?

As we describe in our main consulting resume guide, there are two versions of the truth regarding what consulting firms look for on resumes. The official version is that they look for the following skills:

  1. Problem solving. This means you need to have shown strong intellectual abilities to solve problems at University and during your work experiences.
  2. Personal impact. This means you've shown a dedication to achieving great things in most projects you undertook in the past. You've got a strong personal impact on most projects you are part of.
  3. Entrepreneurial drive. This means you should have a track record of launching new initiatives. You are not satisfied with doing things the traditional way and like innovating.
  4. Leadership abilities. This means you've shown you can lead groups of people in the past either in a professional context or at university.

The unofficial version is that having the following on your resume makes a big difference:

  1. Big brand names. Consulting firms can be snobs about this. But recognisable University (e.g. Harvard) or employer (e.g. Google) names signal strength on your resume and will help you land interviews.
  2. High GPAs. High GPAs signal problem solving skills which is valued by consulting firms as outlined above.
  3. Multiple languages. The more destinations your firm can send you to, the more valuable you are to them.

If you would like to know a more detailed assessment of whether your resume can land you an offer in consulting the right thing to do is to book a 1h career planning session with one of our coaches here. If you already know you are going to apply for consulting firms and want a detailed review of your application, you can book our resume and cover letter review service here.

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