Frameworks note taking

If you're going through one of our case interview training programmes, you might find yourself struggling to write down the full framework we recommend in less than one minute or two. This is perfectly normal. The framework we present in the videos and in the PDFs is written down in a lot of details to enable you to compare your initial solution to ours.
In an actual interview, the right thing to do is to only write down keywords for your framework. For instance, if you are crafting a framework for a pricing case, you could write down the following high level buckets, and then under each bucket you would ideally add 3 or more additional keywords:
  • Cost-based pricing
  • Value-based pricing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Overall strategy
Your interviewer is mainly assessing what you're saying, not what you're writing. This is why using keywords is fine. She might look at your paper when you walk her through it. But even then, clearly laid out keywords is more helpful for your interviewer than a long list of too many words she can't read.

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