Frameworks MECEness

You might wonder how to make your frameworks more MECE. Here is our two cents on that common question.

First, making frameworks MECE is mainly a brainstorming / creativity exercise. One simple tip that's worked for other candidates we work with in the past is to mentally put frameworks together for daily things in life (e.g. preparing food, choosing a movie to watch, etc). The idea is that you can structure pretty much everything in life. So why not take the opportunity to put frameworks together during your day in the run up to interviews. This will activate your creativity muscle and help you think in a MECE way on the day.

Second, we find that a lot of candidates over-worry about their frameworks being MECE. The most important thing about your framework is that it's RELEVANT to the case you are trying to solve. It's got to explore the right areas to be able to accomplish the client's objective. In other words, relevance comes first, and MECEness comes second. When you become a consultant you'll soon realise that a lot of the frameworks you use are 80% MECE (not 100%). They just focus on the things that are important to solve the client problem. So focusing on relevance can be a good thing sometimes.

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