Case situation clarification questions

At the beginning of your interview, the interviewer will tell you about the situation your client faces. Before putting a framework together, you need to play back that situation and to ask a few clarification questions before. The candidates we work with often wonder how many clarification questions they should ask. There are two ways to think about this:

  1. Your objective with clarification questions should be to develop a good enough understanding of the situation to put together a robust framework. You don't need to understand everything about the business model. But you need to keep asking questions until you understand enough about what's going on to put a relevant framework together.
  2. If you ask too many clarification questions, your interviewer might stop you at some point. You ideally don't want that to happen. So in practice you've got a limited number of questions you can ask. Our recommendation is to aim for no more than 3 to 4. If you ask 3 to 4 HIGH QUALITY questions your interviewer will see that you are REALLY trying to understand the situation. Obviously you shouldn't force yourself to ask 3 to 4. If 1 or 2 questions is enough in a simple case you should just move on to the framework without asking any more questions.

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