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IGotAnOffer products

Case interviews

McKinsey, BCG & Bain case interview training programmes

5 articles


Case interview coaching sessions

3 articles

McKinsey PST / BCG Potential Test

McKinsey PST and BCG Potential Test training programmes

4 articles

Resume and cover letters

Review service for your resumes and cover letters

4 articles


Apply for your 50% money back guarantee

3 articles

Materials and video access

Troubleshoot your access to your IGotAnOffer product

1 article

Preparation tips

Crafting case frameworks

How to craft high quality case frameworks

5 articles

Passing the McK PST / BCG Test

How to succeed at consulting maths and logic tests

7 articles

Doing case maths

How to become a case maths machine

3 articles

Getting interviews

How to get consulting interviews

2 articles

Other case questions

Miscellaneous case interview questions

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